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We sink it's cleaning time
We hate to be the ones to break it to you, but your sink is the second most germ-filled place in the kitchen. Considering how often it’s used, this actually makes sense. But how do you get it gleaming again?
How to pick a kitchen sink

It’s the centrepiece and often one of the most-used fixtures in your kitchen – here’s everything you need to know about picking a kitchen sink

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Make a statement in your kitchen with coloured stainless steel sinks

Adding flair to a kitchen typically involves a colourful splashback or pendant light arrangement – but have you ever considered the sink? See more

Oliveri Inspiration Gallery
Start your design journey here with inspiration from our favourite kitchens, laundries and outdoor areas.

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Clean-lined two-tone brown and white kitchen connects well with surroundings

This contemporary kitchen packs in a wealth of functionality but at the same time presents a strong, pared-back aesthetic

2018 Spring Interior Design Trends – Part 2: Terrazzo

Part 2 of our 2018 Spring Interior Design Trends. Terrazzo's making a comeback, and with so many different options it's not hard to see why

Bold and sculptural kitchen with no fussy detailing

How to create a kitchen that has its own dramatic presence and yet doesn’t detract from the views beyond – openness and simplicity are key

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