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As our world becomes more and more technology oriented, educational processes need to reflect new ways of learning and new outcomes. And that also requires a different approach to educational buildings – from pre-schools through to advanced research facilities



The hills are alive
So what constitutes a smart city district? User-value technology and self-driving cars are two futuristic aspects of MVRDV's eye-popping competition entry for the new Tencent headquarters campus. Othe...
Green new = good news
New Zealand Government announced that any new building developed for government office accommodation is required to be measured for a NABERSNZ rating, with a target rating of four stars. NZGBC chief e...
Living laboratory
When the School of Design and Environment at the National University of Singapore required a new building, it made logical, pedagogical, and financial sense to design one that walks the talk in terms ...
Crowned in concrete
Striving for architectural excellence is one thing, learning your craft within a great example of architectural excellence is quite another. Cue the graceful yet raw, concrete-and-glass addition to th...
DNA-inspired design – the shape of things to come?
The form of the two towers in the Steven Holl Architects' design of the headquarters for genome machine intelligence company iCarbonX in Shenzhen was appropriately inspired by a study of genes and DN...
The Colorado State University, Health & Medical Centre
The main feature of the new Health Center is the custom four-level staircase spiralling upward towards a large rooflite, which streams vast amounts of light into the heart of the building. 
The Dow Planetarium
The chosen design of the Montreal Planetarium had an astronomical theme and the exterior of the Dome resembled Saturn surrounded by its rings. 
The Suffolk County Community College in New York
The free standing circular staircase of the recently opened Learning Resource Center at the Suffolk County Community College serves as a central access and focal point within the building. 
The Tiffany & Co. store in Sydney
Well renowned jewellery giant, Tiffany & Co. recently unveiled their Sydney flagship store, situated within Sydney’s luxury shopping precinct at 175 Pitt Street.


Pod cast
500 optic dendrites protrude from aLL's new Neuron Pod at Will Alsop's RIBA award-winning Blizard Building. But what exactly is it? Watch ... and all is revealed.
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