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When undertaking this apartment renovation, NAN Arquitectos designed several clever storage solutions

Smart storage solutions are visible from the moment you enter the apartment, with shelves sitting to the right of the door


Architect: NAN Arquitectos

Photography by Iván Casal Nieto

NAN Arquitectos sought to give this outdated apartment a contemporary spin.

From the architect: Our intention was to give a homogeneous image to the whole house in order to turn each room into an image of contemporary design. To do this, we sought to unite the living room with the kitchen by breaking down a partition and looking for spaciousness in the main living space.


In each room of the apartment the wood has a major role, whether in the floor or in the furniture that’s incorporated into the space. Use of artifical light was another important consideration – we sought to create a warm space, with a colour temperature sitting at 2700 ºK throughout the home.

In the bedroom we aimed for the simplest design possible, with a storage element that forms the entrance. We also incorporated a small desk for support.

Finally we have the bathroom – located in the kitchen area– which serves the entire apartment. We arranged it so 2 people living in the apartment can still retain some element of privacy.

First published date: 27 April 2017