Your pool, your way – Cascade makes it easy

A sparkling backyard pool spells family fun and Cascade Pools makes the process easy – right from choosing a design through to that first joyful splash 

If there's one single home improvement move that
If there's one single home improvement move that makes your family happy and healthy (and popular with your kids' friends) then it is a backyard pool from Cascade Pools. 
Your size, your shape, your depth, your budget – Cascade Pools creates the customised backyard oasis that suits your family's needs and your site dictates (and best of all we make it a very easy process). Here are some key points to consider:

What are my options? Am I getting it right? Are there tricky council issues?

Cascade Pools is as long on experience as it is on shorter build times – this translates into 50 years of assessing sites and building pools that families have enjoyed over lifetimes.  

One of our team will visit your property and talk to you about your requirements in terms of shape, size and depth of pool before suggesting the best option from our wide range. 

Then if you're happy with our quote (and most of our customers are pleasantly surprised) work can begin.

Our team will also take care of all the necessary council consents including arranging fencing quotes for you to comply with local regulation, submitting the application and monitoring its progress. 

You are required to pay the council fees and any engineers fees but we do not charge for our part in the process.

(And it doesn't stop there)

One of our team will spend time with you explaining how everything works and we offer on-going support if you need it for maintenance. 

Then all you need to do is to sit back and wait for the squeals of delight and splashes on your poolside Sunday paper!

Pool fencing, council bylaws – all the little
Pool fencing, council bylaws – all the little elements that come with your new pool are handled with lightness and professionalism by Cascade Pools.

High quality meets affordability

A high quality in ground pool from Cascade is made from a steel wall with a concrete shell and foam insulation, lined with a high-quality vinyl liner. 

This construction method results in a warmer pool than say a much cooler solid concrete construction. 

The resulting pool is sturdy and durable and AFFORDABLE, plus our superior pool structures capture heat from the sun and require almost no chlorine – so you can splash out with your bomb dives not with your budget. 

The steel, concrete and foam makeup of a
The steel, concrete and foam makeup of a Cascade pool is better than a straight concrete design which doesn't retain heat well; and also better than fibreglass, which is inflexible and limits your choices for size and shape – a Cascade pool is custom designed to fit your available space perfectly.

I don't live in a major centre – does that leave me high and dry?

In a word, no. We have a network of swimming pool experts around the country and can organise site visits in most locations across New Zealand. 

There is a list of our franchise teams by location on our website.

Cascade Pools has franchises throughout New Zealand –
Cascade Pools has franchises throughout New Zealand – make the most of your backyard and your family life with an affordable, easy-upkeep swimming pool.

You will never regret your custom Cascade Pool purchase, neither will your children, or their children for that matter.

Wherever you are in the country, phone Cascade Pools on 0800 227223, or head online here to find out more about turning your backyard lawn into a just-do-it playground.

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24 Oct, 2021

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