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Protection for your commercial or residential construction starts from the top down – Dimond's Advanced Roofing Systems provide targeted peace of mind

In the realm of warm roofs that can cater to New Zealand's diverse climates, Dimond Roofing is excited to announce the new kid on the block – Advanced Roofing Systems. 

The Advanced Roofing Systems brand introduces not one but three warm roof systems, Advanced Standard, Advanced Vented and Advanced Non-Vented.

Set to redefine residential, commercial, and industrial construction, the Dimond’s Advanced Roofing Systems offer warm roof solutions that are tailor-made to meet the unique needs of every project, ensuring exceptional performance and adaptability.

Introducing Dimond Advanced Roof Systems

With decades of expertise, Dimond Roofing’s technical design team addresses the specific structural, thermal, and acoustic needs of residential projects. 

This dedication ensures that their roofing systems are tailor-made for each home or project, providing comfort and efficiency regardless of the weather conditions.

What sets Dimond Roofing apart is our commitment to custom solutions, says Andy Gorrie, national technical and market development manager. 

“Whether facing hot summers or chilly winters, our systems ensure optimal energy efficiency and comfort, maintaining controlled interiors despite external conditions.”

Benefits of Dimond Advanced Roofing Systems

1. Thermal performance

Dimond Advanced Roof Systems offer customisable insulation (R-values from R2.0 to R7.0) to suit specific thermal needs. 

This means enhanced energy efficiency and comfort for all types of buildings.

2. Condensation management

All variants include a complete vapour barrier layer that separates internal and external environments, eliminating condensation risks. 

This ensures a healthier environment by preventing mould and dampness. 

The Advanced Standard system also features Dimond’s Lap Seal Tape and breathable underlay for effective condensation management.

3. Durability

Using top-performing components from trusted brands, Dimond's systems are built to last. 

They offer ISO9705 Group one and two fire ratings for maximum safety, providing peace of mind for both homeowners and developers. 

The Advanced Standard System’s composite post and rail construction offers simplicity and durability, ensuring lasting protection.

4. Easy maintenance

The lifecycle cost benefits of Dimond roofs are significant. 

When replacement is necessary, the top sheet can be effortlessly removed and replaced without disturbing the underlying structure, saving time and money.

5. Acoustic performance

With options like the Audioperf liner deck and GIB Noiseline, Dimond systems provide excellent sound insulation, creating quieter environments.

6. Enhanced weather protection

Designed to withstand harsh conditions, including marine and industrial environments, Dimond roofing systems offer reliable protection year after year.

Choosing the right system for your project

For residential homes

Advanced Standard System: Ideal for homes, this system meets NZBC H1 (Energy Efficiency) requirements, ensuring optimal thermal performance across different climate zones in New Zealand. 

It features a lap-sealed vapour control layer and hygrothermal calculations to prevent interstitial condensation, ensuring a durable, non-combustible roof that lasts up to 50 years. 

The composite post and rail construction offers simplicity and durability, making it perfect for residential projects.

For developers and the construction Industry

Advanced Vented System: This system is ideal for larger commercial or industrial projects, offering impressive thermal performance and condensation management. 

Featuring Thermal Vent PIR Board for continuous insulation with customisable R-values (R2.0 to R7.0), it is installed over structural purlins, providing a weather-tight roofing profile for enhanced durability. 

The vented structural rail allows for airflow and thermal expansion control, preventing ice dams and enhancing acoustic performance with Audioperf. 

The Vapour Barrier and breathable underlay ensure moisture control, making it a robust solution for various construction needs.

Advanced Non-Vented System: Engineered for superior thermal performance and condensation control, this system is perfect for commercial and industrial buildings. 

Designed for structural purlins, it uses Dimond® PIR insulation board for R-values between R2.0 and R7.0. 

The Advanced Non-Vented System includes a Vapour Barrier control layer and breathable underlay, streamlining construction timelines and ensuring compliance with building codes.

Unique features & benefits

Each Dimond Advanced Roofing System offers unique features and benefits tailored to different project requirements. 

Whether you're a homeowner looking for thermal efficiency and comfort or a developer seeking durability and compliance, Dimond Roofing has a solution that meets your specific needs, ensuring your project is protected, efficient, and built to last.

Need a contemporary targeted roofing system that protects your construction in every way? Find out more here

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14 Jul, 2024

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