When building a new home it pays to future-proof your asset from the inside out. For peace of mind, consider Tanalised® timber

Side view of the house. Includes steel panels architecture, building, cottage, facade, home, house, real estate, roof, siding, sky, blue, black
Side view of the house. Includes steel panels which make up most of the exterior of the house

Decors can change with the whims and vagaries of fashion but the bones of a new home, its wooden structure, have to last the distance as interior designs come and go.

Koppers Arch Tanalised® C technology greatly extends the life of today's construction timbers by intensifying the wood's own natural defences, says marketing manager Peter Carruthers.

The contemporary home featured on these pages was constructed by Andrew Brown Construction. Although its interior doesn't emphasise wood, the underlying structure is built from Tanalised treated timber.

The living and kitchen area, black, wooden, steel architecture, house, interior design, living room, real estate, gray, black
The living and kitchen area, black, wooden, steel and concrete fireplace on a concrete platform with a flatscreen plasma TV above it, chrome chimney, aluminium roof with spot lights in it, large windows with wooden blinds, polished concrete flooring, stripey sofa, kitchen and dining beyond, AS2017 Home & Apartment.

"Often it's what you don't see that can make all the difference to the life of a building," says Brown. "We used Tanalised treated timber here to ensure the structural framework and wood finishes wouldn't deteriorate under the presence of moisture. For the small extra outlay, the payback in terms of future-proofing is significant."

Tanalised products have a distinctive diamond-shaped logo, and are available in several different treatments, all with the Tanalised guarantee.

"Tanalised protection is particularly important in areas of climatic extremes, such as Australia," says Carruthers.

View of the partition between the living and architecture, daylighting, door, interior design, real estate, window, window covering, gray
View of the partition between the living and dining areas.The hallway is lined with wooden louvres which form a flexible wall

Wood products treated with Tanalised protection are available from suppliers throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia, the Pacific islands and South Africa.

For details, contact Koppers Arch, phone (02) 9954 5433, fax: (02) 9954 5467. Website: www.tanalised.com.

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23 Aug, 2004

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