Why Tiny Houses Could Be Right For You

The Tiny House movement has garnered a huge following – and with so many benefits, it's easy to see why

Tiny houses are the new “in” thing, but what’s all the fuss about? 

With the housing market constantly changing, people becoming more environmentally conscious and streamlining their lives – tiny houses offer the perfect solution to fit many people’s needs.

They're a great alternative if you're a first time homebuyer in a major city, without the huge financial commitment of owning a full-sized home – also smaller bills. Their small size and portability make them ideal baches.

Depending on your needs, they also make ideal office or studio spaces. Use it as a granny flat for a loved one. 

For the financially minded, a tiny house could set you up with a low-commitment investment such as an AirBNB.

Despite all the recent hype, tiny houses have been around in some form or another for 90 years. However, the movement really started to gain traction in 1997 with Sarah Susanka's "The Not So Big House", before inevitably making its way around the world.

There a several companies around the country committed to tiny house building, such as Build Tiny based in Katikati. They offer both completed turnkey builds and empty shells that can be customised to meet your specifications– all of the houses are transportable too.

Or if you’re up to the task, many people opt for the DIY route instead. Just make sure the design is efficient, multi-functional and meets all your needs.

Tiny houses aren’t for everyone, but offer a great alternative to traditional home owning. 

Big things can come in small packages, so don’t count out the tiny house.

Story by: Loukas Tsitsiridakis

28 Sep, 2018

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