When designer and client are one and the same

In designing its own Brisbane studio, Unispace set out to address similar challenges to those its clients face – factoring in adaptability, flexibility and longevity

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From the designer: Unispace

With staff growth of over 300% in Queensland, it was clearly time for Unispace to establish a new studio space in Brisbane.

Our dedicated team of workplace strategists ran a series of surveys, interviews, and workshops with the Brisbane team, as well as a design competition amongst the wider Australian design team to spark excitement and initiate the process. 

Through this discovery phase we formed the aspirations, opportunities, and requirements for the new studio. 

The process uncovered five strategic objectives, which were to:

Celebrate belonging;
Build trusted connections;
Be a leader in wellbeing;
Be able to scale with flexibility;
Enable interactive experiences.

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Designed by: Unispace

Story by: Trendsideas

15 Oct, 2023

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