When Country met Industrial - Kitchen Design

When Country met Industrial - Kitchen Design Ideas



When Country met Industrial - Kitchen Design

I SPY ...SMEG ...again ....Kitchen Design Ideas

When can i move in? That wine fridge is hard not to spot! Appliance envy. - Kitchen Design Ideas

Industrial meets country - Kitchen Design

I am calling it Smeg Fabulosity - I haven't seen a Kitchen containing Smeg Fab fridge that i dont love




Industrial meets country - Kitchen Design White Kitchen

Kitchen Island Love

Rustic Kitchen Love

I am not sure what would i do with this sink...but i still want it! - Kitchen Design Ideas

All i see is huge cooking space and amazing lights... and I already love it

touch of wood ...must for that "warm" feeling

mezzanie envy ! - Kitchen design ideas

Lights, Vintage Chairs and amazing kitchen cabinets.When Country met Industrial - Kitchen Design



This set up makes me think of summers in Mediterranean and hanging around my mum's kitchen while she is cooking!

Industrial meets country - Kitchen Design - White Kitchen and Stainless Steel Appliances

Narrow Space? - not a problem! Stylish Lofty Style Kitchen Design Solution

who needs a splashback when you have a window - Kitchen Design Ideas

Statement Windows - When Country met Industrial - Kitchen Design

Alloy tiles, stament light pendants and large clock! - Industrial Kitchen Design

Lots of white, hit of steel and touch of wood - i call it perfection - Kitchen Design Ideas





Lots of space? yes please!! combine little bit of old with little bit of modern ( appliances) and spice everything with vintage ... - kitchen design ideas

Industrial meets country - Kitchen Design

Little bit more country little less industrial but non the less its still great!

When Country met Industrial - Kitchen Design

I am not sure i allowed my kitchen to be published...having said that ...i am ok with it as long as it sits on nice blog :) ! Major appliance - mezzanine - space envy! - Kitchen Design Ideas

Pizza night - every night! who needs a pizza oven when you have this beauty - Kitchen Design Ideas

wooden beams again! Gosh! - Kitchen Design Ideas




wood celling - anytime!! Feels so warm and inviting - Kitchen design ideas

Did someone say France? - Kitchen Design Ideas

White Kitchen Design ...can't go wrong

Loosing words to describe this perfection!! Tiles, Steel, Appliances, Concrete ..... - Kitchen design ideas

wooden beams and statement fridge! - kitchen design

Kitchen love - high celling, huge light pendants, lots of space

Absolutely stunning - Kitchen Design Ideas

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10 Nov, 2015

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