Making the most of evenings outdoors, natural gas provides fast, efficient heat for barbecues, pools and patios

Outdoor gas flares on decking area. fireplace, flame, hearth, heat, interior design, black, brown
Outdoor gas flares on decking area.

Everyone loves to entertain outdoors, but a busy lifestyle can sometimes make it seem like a hassle.

It doesn't have to be this way, however. Having natural gas makes it easy to cook outdoors and can even keep you and your guests warm on cool evenings.

A mains connection to your outdoor area ensures you will never have to fill a gas bottle or run the risk of it running out just as you are about to throw the steaks on the barbecue. In addition, a natural gas connection makes it easier to fire up an outdoor fire or patio heater for instant warmth.

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Exterior view of three level home, outdoor lighting, paving and swimming pool.

There are many new gas appliances designed to help you enjoy your outdoor living area. As well as standard natural gas barbecues that offer all the latest cooking technology, there are models that can be customised and built into your landscaping.

Outdoor gas fires are available in many styles and sizes some even have a flip-down barbecue hot plate. Wall-mounted gas radiant heaters are particularly useful for spot heating and provide another contemporary heating option.

Natural gas is an efficient way to heat swimming and spa pools. For maximum energy savings, both pools can share filtration and heating systems while still having separate temperature controls.

Patio area with large stainless steel barbeque, dining floor, flooring, interior design, lighting, real estate, brown
Patio area with large stainless steel barbeque, dining furniture and folding doors.

To enhance the ambience of your setting and to provide additional light, you may wish to consider gas lighting and flares.

For further information on the benefits of using natural gas, visit the Pure Energy website: www.pureenergy.co.nz.

Story by: Trendsideas

30 Aug, 2005