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It's not just the smooth, flat look and Iridium finish that characterises the latest appliances in Fisher & Paykel's Designer Series the technology also sets them apart

Examples of the new Fisher & Paykel technology food, produce, vegetable, black, white
Examples of the new Fisher & Paykel technology and styles.

Contemporary kitchen design is largely defined by clean lines, sleek surfaces and an uncluttered look. It makes sense, therefore, to choose appliances that have a similar streamlined, architectural look.

In keeping with this trend, Fisher & Paykel has updated its Designer Series to offer an increased range of products with improved technology to match.

Australian marketing manager Steve Reid says the Designer Series built-in oven range has a whole new look.

"The new Designer Series ovens still have the non-marking, Iridium stainless steel finish, common to all appliances in the series, but gone are the curves of previous models," he says. "These appliances reveal crisp edges, linear handles and clean lines."

Reid says the ovens also feature many technological improvements. These include a Thermaglaze door, which has a multi-pane construction and advanced heat reflective technology to retain the oven's heat.

Ovens also incorporate the Quadro slide runner system, which stabilises the shelf so it won't tilt when fully extended. This system makes it easy to tend to food while it is cooking. The runners can be removed for easy cleaning.

Examples of the new Fisher & Paykel technology food, produce, vegetable, black, white
Examples of the new Fisher & Paykel technology and styles.

Another new feature in the Designer Series oven is the AeroFlow system's concentric louvre oven-fan shroud. This optimises the air flow for even heat distribution, and means you can cook on multiple shelves.

Other advances in the technology of the oven include a powerful 3300W grill element, which provides fast, even grilling with three functions. And, as with all Fisher & Paykel ovens, catalytic liners provide a self-cleaning function.

Fisher & Paykel has also released a square-edged, streamlined Designer Series island rangehood.

The new Designer Series Active Smart refrigerator continues the contemporary theme and makes it easy to fully co-ordinate the look of your kitchen. Also available from Hettich is a matching handle to the Designer Series.

"With its flat door panels and bold square handle, the refrigerator is the signature look of the new range," says Reid. "It is available in five Iridium models to match the new built-in ovens and flat-fronted DishDrawer®."

The refrigerator features Active Smart intelligence, which provides two variable-speed fans for faster cooling and freezing. The fans also ensure the temperature remains even throughout the interior.

Examples of the new Fisher & Paykel technology frozen food, home appliance, kitchen appliance, major appliance, plastic, product, refrigerator, shelf, shelving, white
Examples of the new Fisher & Paykel technology and styles.

Other features include a humiditycontrol system, which allows you tocustomise fruit and vegetable storage for optimum results. In addition, fruit and vegetable bins are stored on full extension, kitchen-grade runners, which provide ergonomic benefits.

"All refrigerators with the freezer located at the bottom also have full extension runners for easy access and visibility," says Reid. "A centre roll-out tray in these models provides storage for flat items, such as ice cubes and pastries."

Fruit and vegetable bins and bottom-mount freezer bins are removable, so you can customise the storage space to cater to small or large items.

As with all Fisher & Paykel DishDrawers, the Designer Series model features two drawers that operate independently. This means you can stack dishes in one, while a load is being washed in the other.

For further information, contact the Fisher & Paykel Customer Care Centre, phone 1300 650 590, or visit the website: www.fisherpaykel.com.

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03 Mar, 2006

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