Welcome to the culinary village

When tasked with designing an appliance showroom, Lukstudio created four distinct kitchen environments

The entrance with plants and stepping stones architecture, home, house, interior design, plant, property, tree, black
The entrance with plants and stepping stones

Designer: LukstudioPhotographer: Peter Dixie

From the designer: Based on the idea that the kitchen is the heart of a home, Lukstudio created a culinary village where kitchen appliances can be displayed in four domestic settings: alongside a gallery, in a cooking classroom, in a VIP lounge and in a multi-functional courtyard.

Certainly one of the more interesting spaces arch, architecture, interior design, black
Certainly one of the more interesting spaces

The design has transformed the original 1000-sqm mechanical floor into a complete brand experience for manufacturer Arda.

Situated by a reflective pool and framed by green walls, a white box marks the entrance of the journey. Following stepping stones in the shallow water, visitors enter a dark tunnel. On the left, an introductory video is accompanied by a water feature of dishwasher jets; on the right, a peek into the courtyards ahead. The main display area is organised as a series of white huts, each presenting an ideal kitchen: minimalistic white, total black, rustic country and modern American. Lukstudio has placed these volumes carefully, carving out strategic openings to create a visual dialogue with one’s movement.

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25 Aug, 2017

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