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This new family home combines traditional detailing and design principles with contemporary styling
View of the interior side of the entrance apartment, ceiling, estate, floor, flooring, hardwood, interior design, laminate flooring, living room, lobby, loft, real estate, stairs, wood, wood flooring, red, gray
View of the interior side of the entrance

With the renewed focus on good building practices, homeowners are increasingly looking to incorporate traditional, reliable materials and methods into modern-styled houses.

Henry Lin, the designer of this five-bedroom family home, combined contemporary styling with age-old architectural tools such as proportioning, repetition and a sense of light and space.

"In addition to aesthetic considerations, the owners wanted the design and layout to meet their function requirements and to incorporate materials chosen for durability and character," says Lin.

Overview of the interior of this contemporary home ceiling, daylighting, estate, floor, home, interior design, real estate, room, window, gray
Overview of the interior of this contemporary home

His design observes good weathertight building practice, from the initial concept through to the detailing and selection of materials.

As well as a copper roof and durable fibre-cement weatherboards, the house features wide eaves and window jam and sill flashings. The combination of anodised aluminium joinery with timber facings offers weathertightness with a more traditional look.

Inside, the emphasis is on light and spaciousness. Lin says he wanted to create a modern look that wasn't too minimalist. All of the ceilings are raked to follow the roofline, and the absence of cornices lends a sculptural look. At the centre of the house is a double-height atrium with three large skylights that bring light into the living areas.

View of the entrance way to this contemporary architecture, building, estate, facade, home, house, lighting, night, property, real estate, residential area, window, black
View of the entrance way to this contemporary house

"The flow of the interior spaces was important," says Lin. "The focus was on ensuring visual connections between the different areas."

Running around the upper level of the atrium, a galleria with stainless steel balustrades provides access to the bedrooms and offers glimpses of different areas of the house.

"Wherever you are, there is always a reference to double-height volumes," he says. "The visual experience is enriched by the hierarchy of these volumes and the varying degrees of natural light."

May 14, 2004
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