Versatile furniture for any office

Story by: Lundia
It's lightweight aluminium construction means it's easy to chair, desk, floor, flooring, furniture, office, product, shelving, table, gray
It's lightweight aluminium construction means it's easy to install

In the modern office, there's no such thing as as a 'one size fits all solution' – businesses and workers demand versatility and flexibility. This is especially true when it comes to desks.

The latest table system from Lundia is perfectly suited to such environments, being completely configurable for any office space. It can be cut and tailored to your exact requirements and is constructed from lightweight and versatile aluminium.

It's all thanks to Robert Stone, the new creative force driving Lundia's transformation. With a strong focus on product design and development, Robert fully embraces the Lundia DNA when crafting products like this versatile desk.

Get in touch if you'd like to learn more about using desks like this for your office.


Jul 12, 2018






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