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For a hard-working adhesive for floor and decking applications, check out Liquid Nails Floors & Decks from Selleys®
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exterior view of deck and living area

The area of home that takes the most wear and tear on a daily basis is directly beneath our feet. When selecting a construction adhesive for your floors or decking projects, it makes sense to choose a product that is purpose-designed for the job.

Selleys® Liquid Nails Floors & Decks is a strong waterproof construction adhesive, says marketing director Warwick Rounce.

"Selleys Liquid Nails Floors & Decks is designed to reduce unwanted movement of timber in flooring and decking applications," says Rounce. "It is specially formulated to achieve maximum resistance to movement. The glue's polyurethane technology avoids nail-popping and squeaking by expanding during curing to fill gaps."

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Liquid Nails

The adhesive is well-suited for outdoor use as it resists harsh climatic conditions. It retains its integrity even under temperatures up to 100ËC, says Rounce.

"In times of extensive rainfall, Selleys Liquid Nails Floors & Decks offers minimal strength reduction from water exposure making it ideal for decking applications. The product can also be applied to damp timber. "

Selleys Liquid Nails Floors & Decks is wellsuited to indoor use as well as outdoor applications. The product can be applied to a wide range of surfaces from bonding timber flooring and decking to joists. It adheres firmly to hard and soft woods, treated pine, concrete, metal and brick and fibre cement.

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exterior view of deck and living area

Selleys Liquid Nails Floors & Decks dries to a translucent finish with a working time of 10 minutes. It achieves maximum strength in 24 hours.

For further details, contact Selleys Australia, 1 Gow St, Padstow, NSW 2211, phone 1300 555 205. Email: selleys.customer.service@orica.com.Website: www.selleys.com.au.

Aug 23, 2004
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