TV room

this could go into my "darkness" collection but none the less .... Read more

Home theater

must have HUGE TV in the TV room Read more


if you have a basement well this is the best use of it....huge TV screen and lots of room Read more

outdoor TV

outdoor pool side family would never leave my house Read more

Cooking and Watching TV

We just entered a whole other dimension – don't you love technology? Read more

Living Room

Living room with mirrored stainless steel slide and huge tv - cause who even thinks of building a house without a slide in it! Read more

For everyones pocket ...well almost

pillow room! don't spend money on couches or lounge chairs and buy a really nice movie screen Read more

Samsung's largest screen

Can i have this is in my living room please Read more

Cinema room

Huge TV screen and humongous couch Read more

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