To see or not to see

For a smooth-running motorised lifting device for your audiovisual equipment, take a look at the leading-edge designs from Ultralift Australia

Interior view of lounge and living interior design, real estate, window, white, gray
Interior view of lounge and living

Sometimes it's preferable to be able to conceal your expensive audiovisual equipment when it's not in use, or to arrange your furniture to maximise views or encourage conversation.

Making this possible is the specialty of Ultralift Australia. The company manufactures a selection of compact and innovative motorised lifts, tilts and mounts for projectors, plasma screens and LCD monitors.

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View of entertainment

These conceal your equipment until it's needed. At the touch of a button, it can be raised or lowered smoothly into the best viewing position. Ultralift products allow viewing from different angles and provide space-saving and security solutions.

For more information, contact Ultralift Australia, 10 Vernon Ave, Heidelberg Heights, Vic 3081, phone (03) 9459 0873. Website: www.ultraliftaustralia.com.au.

Story by: Trendsideas

07 Dec, 2004