Tips for choosing the right rug

Where do you start when you're choosing a rug? These tips from interior specialist nood will help you find the rug that works best for you and your space.

There’s lots to consider when choosing a rug. So where do you start? Interior specialist nood offers some tips to ensure you make the choice that works for you and your space.

Think about why you need a rug. Is it to anchor furniture in a room and create a sense of separation between different areas in the space or rather provide additional depth to a space by adding colour and pattern?

A rug should:

  • help to define a space
  • provide some warmth and comfort
  • add texture and colour to a room

You also need to consider the quality and material of the rug. Is it for a high foot traffic area? Do you have pets or children? A lot of the time it comes down to personal preference but check out some tips we’ve gathered to help you find and care for the perfect one.

There are a few different rules to consider home, interior design, living room, real estate, Chancellor Construction, Sang Architectural Design, tracy  Guo,  Decor+
There are a few different rules to consider when picking out a rug size. In this home's living room, a large area rug helps to define the space while a cow hide placed under the coffee tables adds a decorative element.

Choosing the size

Depending on the area you want to fill and how your furniture is placed, there are a few different rules to consider when picking out a size. Use a measuring tape and masking tape to help visualise the space.

Living Room

If your sofa and chairs are up against a wall, your rug should be large enough to fit under the front legs of all pieces. If the furniture is floating in the middle of the room either put all the legs of each piece of furniture on the rug or alternatively use it as a centre piece to help connect the floating furniture.

Dining room

You want your rug to be large enough to comfortably fit under the table and all dining chairs, even when they are pulled out. If you have a round dining table, double the charm with a circular rug underneath.


A great way to add some toe-warming cosiness is to place a rug under the bed, large enough to step on it when you get out of bed. This will also help damping sounds if you have hardwood floor and your room will appear larger.

When choosing a rug think about how much black-and-white, chair, coffee table, couch, design, floor, furniture, houseplant, interior design, living room, plant, room, table, wall, white, black, gray
When choosing a rug think about how much foot traffic the room gets and how you want to use the rug. Interiors by nood.

Choosing a material

There are so many options with various benefits and properties to pick from. When choosing a rug think about how much foot traffic the room gets and how you want to use the rug, will it go under a dining table that requires easy cleaning, or added to wooden floors to add warmth and comfort?

Common spaces with high traffic need durable materials, while bedroom rugs are less affected by heavy wear. Read through various materials and their benefits:

Jute is a strong natural fibre able withstand high foot traffic. As jute is a natural fibre it is susceptible to stains and can be difficult to clean. Jute rugs usually come in natural and earthy palettes with a rich texture, making them easy to incorporate to any space.

Wool is a very durable natural fibre which is easy to clean and soft underfoot. It has some outstanding properties, such as insulating and good stain resistance. It is also heat resistant making it the most preferred material for rooms with fire places.

Polypropylene is a hardwearing man-made fibre. Polypropylene is easy to clean and is great for sunny and high-traffic areas. It’s soft touch ease to maintain makes it ideal for living areas and homes with pets and children.

Cotton fibre is strong, soft and easy to dye, making it perfect for more intricate designs. They can attract dust; however, it is very easy to clean.

Viscose is a less durable fibre and is often used to add sheen to a rug. The fibres have been improved over the years however sometimes these rugs do not feel very luxurious.

Cow hides animal skins are durable and unique rugs – you’ll never find two the same. They have a soft texture, are easy to clean and are best suited for medium or low traffic areas.

Vacuum carefully as the brush can pull automotive design, floor, flooring, furniture, product, table, gray
Vacuum carefully as the brush can pull out fibres and cause fuzzing on the surface.

Caring for your rug

You should always follow the care instructions that came with the rug, however, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Vacuum - you should vacuum your rug without a beater bar and with low setting if you have the option. Some rugs shed more than others, and these must be vacuumed regularly. Vacuum carefully as the brush can pull out fibres and cause fuzzing on the surface.

Protection - keep your rug out of sunlight to prevent it from fading. It’s a good idea to rotate your rugs once a year so it fades evenly.

Spills - must be cleaned straight away. Use a clean white cloth and do not rub as this will force the stain deeper into the rug. After the cleaning process, dry the area with towels to absorb all moisture.

Hopefully these tips will help you to find and then care for the perfect rug!

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26 Jan, 2020

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