Time to renovate your kitchen? Place organisation at the top of the priority list

Slim, minimalist design and with diverse setting options – AMBIA-LINE is the future of kitchen drawer and cupboard management

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Image from: Blum New Zealand furniture, table, gray
Image from: Blum New Zealand

The saying 'clean as you go' is certainly a wise one when it comes to preparing food in the kitchen. 

After slaving away preparing a meal, the last thing you want to do is devote even more time to dishes and putting things away! While a dishwasher tackles the first issue, how do you handle the second? 

The answer lies with an adaptable, stylish storage system. With AMBIA-LINE, you can make your kitchen much more easy to use. Instead of having to dig around in deep cupboards, you can simply pull out different shelves individually. In drawers, you can add different partitions to group the utensils you use most often. 

The real benefit of AMBIA-LINE is that you can tailor it your kitchen. If you like the idea of the drawer system but would prefer a more traditional pantry, no problem! 

Finally, you can use AMBIA-LINE throughout the home. The same storage systems that work so well in the kitchen also work fantastically in your home office, bathroom and garage.Understanding AMBIA-LINE

The inner dividing system AMBIA-LINE stands out on account of its slim, minimalist design and diverse setting options. The frames, which can be used universally, are designed to fit the box system LEGRABOX and ensure perfect organisation for any living area.


Image from: Blum New Zealand floor, furniture, shelf, white
Image from: Blum New Zealand

The clearly arranged programme of versatile frames opens up a wealth of design options in terms of the organisation of the insides of furniture and offers practical, everyday functionality.


Image from: Blum New Zealand floor, furniture, shelf, white
Image from: Blum New Zealand

The elegant box system is characterised by a slim design with straight sides and a particularly high quality of motion. Its streamlined design has already won several international awards. LEGRABOX is as wide-ranging as the concept of 'home' itself; it can be used for any application in any part of the home. To go with this, there is AMBIA-LINE, an inner dividing system that has been specifically tailored to match the design. For a harmonious overall look in all living spaces.

Find out more about LEGRABOX and AMBIA-LINEAMBIA-LINE (Blum New Zealand website) LEGRABOX

Sep 15, 2017





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