Bathing beauty

Borrowing space from an adjacent bedroom made room for a dedicated bath space in this reinvented family bathroom by designer Kira Gray Read more

Masculine edge

A masculine wood frame was an appropriate choice for this mirror-fronted wall cabinet – one of three in a family bathroom by designer Kira Gray Read more

That's mine, no that's mine ...

Three mirror cabinets and three boys to use them – no more fights over belongings in this bathroom makeover  Read more

Clearing the decks

Introducing a large heated towel rack to this family bathroom prevents a sea of damp towels on the floor on a daily basis Read more

This reconfigured and expanded bathroom now boast three separate zones – use of an upmarket tile throughout helps harmonise the distinct zones Read more

Design flair

If ever there was a bath worthy of being the centre of attention, this freestanding tub in a bathroom by Kira Gray would be it Read more

Backlights and highlights

This feature 'Silver Scale' tile wall is further accentuated by the raised wall being back-lit – all part of a transformative bathroom makeover by designer Kira Gray Read more

Rain expected

A ceiling-mounted shower head is a pleasure to use for the tall teenagers using this family bathroom Read more

Floating aesthetic

As well as a buoyant bather, this bathroom's bathing zone supports a floating feature iridescent tile wall Read more

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