The Open Kitchen: Excellence in both quality and function

The Rösle Open Kitchen system combines practical organisation and visually stunning design

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The Studio of Tableware – Rosle Open Kitchen

The Studio of Tableware – Rösle Open Kitchen

The kitchen has changed significantly. Far from being just a work area, the kitchen is now the heart of the home – a primary living space. Of course, with function still so key to a usable kitchen, it's more important than ever to take advantage of systems that both work well and perform.

One of the most avant-garde kitchen concepts was a Rösle brainchild: the Open Kitchen. An ingenious system of organisation that’s not just purely practical but visually stunning too. It brings kitchen utensils out from the invisibility of back drawers and sets them out where you need them.

This modular, extendable system is flexible and can be adapted to meet new requirements. The Standard Rails rails can be mounted directly to the wall or suspended below kitchen cabinets. With its innovative design, the Open Kitchen has long been a desired core element when refurbishing or constructing a new kitchen.

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11 Sep, 2017

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