The natural badminton court

This new badminton court represents the colours and textures of the nearby Youngsangang riverbank
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The court certainly has a natural aesthetic architecture, brutalist architecture, building, corporate headquarters, facade, structure, teal, black
The court certainly has a natural aesthetic

Architect: JHW IROJE architects and The Sa-ram ArchitectsTexture of the Earth: The plan began with concern about how to represent something of the texture of nature, which has a different character from the scale of the indoor stadium. We wanted the soft red-brown colour of the Youngsangang riverbank to continue throughout the mass.

The structure and ceiling of the stadium: The long span space is usually secured by the structural form of the interior space or the steel-frame structure, but it also causes a visual distraction due to exposed structural material and equipment facilities. For this stadium, the structural limit of the interior form and the concrete long span beam was supplemented by the PT beams.


The lobby is welcoming, with floor to ceiling architecture, building, daylighting, facade, house, black
The lobby is welcoming, with floor to ceiling windows and down lights

A seven-sided court was planned inside the 50x20x 12m (H) concrete box, which is a wall structure that does not allow any column exposure. The indirect light enters the building during the day as the PT columns are placed in a consistently proportioned module and placing the ceiling between the modules. Also, a 50m long projected window filters in additional light. The long horizontal window is wrapped around four sides of the stadium, which contains the low and deep scenery of the exterior park space.

Ectype and the path of concrete: The main structural bearing wall has a coloured exposed concrete finish. A pattern was revealed by engraving the quadrisect cylinder shaped larch. This ectype texture was intended to engrave the horizontal path of the moving shuttlecock on the surface of the concrete.

Games in progress leisure centre, sport venue, sports, structure, gray, brown
Games in progress

Plywood and perforated plywood was cross-placed and used as the interior finishing material to absorb sound, which minimises sound during the games. The finish of the interior floor and wall was made up with wooden patterns, which continues the coloured concrete pattern on the exterior wall, creating a warm texture and atmosphere in the stadium.

Jan 19, 2018





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