The long and short of a pool by Cascade Pools

Cascade Pools has been in business for 50 years – honed industry experience that translates into a short construction time for your pool and an enduring, much loved final result

Cascade Pools has franchises throughout New Zealand –
Cascade Pools has franchises throughout New Zealand – make the most of your backyard and your family life with an affordable, easy-upkeep swimming pool.

A high-quality inground swimming pool from Cascade Swimming Pools is a hassle-free, affordable and quickly realised backyard feature that will increase the value of your property, make you the envy of the neighbours and most of all introduce a constant source of fun and exercise for family and friends

Long experience

Choose a swimming pool company that really knows its stuff – Auckland-based Cascade has been in business for 50 years. 

This means knowing every in and out of the industry – translating into a highly reliable experience for homeowners across the country.  

However, while Cascade has been around for years, the experienced pool builder's technology and building methods have not stood still. 

The company is a household name in great pool building and employs the latest techniques to give you an in-ground pool that will last for years and give you plenty of enjoyment

The steel, concrete and foam makeup of a
The steel, concrete and foam makeup of a Cascade pool is better than a straight concrete design which doesn't retain heat well; and also better than fibreglass, which is inflexible and limits your choices for size and shape – a Cascade pool is custom designed to fit your available space perfectly.

A short build time and superior pool

Proven building techniques with modern products – Cascade Pools' outdoor swimming pools are made from a steel wall with a concrete shell and foam insulation which is lined with a high-quality vinyl liner. 

This construction helps to make our pools sturdy and durable. 

The process is flexible, reliable and enables shorter build times – weeks not months!

Pools from Cascade Pools are effectively solar heated
Pools from Cascade Pools are effectively solar heated and designed to retain the heat from the sun for longer, making your pool nicer to swim in. The pools are also almost 100% chlorine free – essentially, a salt- and chlorine-free swimming pool that's easy to maintain.

You will never regret your custom Cascade Pool purchase, neither will your children, or their children for that matter.

Wherever you are in the country, phone Cascade Pools on 0800 227223, or head online here to find about more about turning your backyard lawn into a just-do-it playground.

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16 Jan, 2022

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