The latest design trends from EuroCucina in Milan

Celia Visser brings you a small taste of some of the design trends happening in the northern hemisphere – straight from the international kitchen fair, EuroCucina, held recently in Milan

Story by: Celia Visser
One of Celia Visser's stand-out kitchens from 2017. interior design, kitchen, property, real estate, gray
One of Celia Visser's stand-out kitchens from 2017.

With the year well underway, we thought we’d bring you a small taste of some of the kitchen design trends that are happening in the northern hemisphere – straight from the international kitchen fair, EuroCucina, held recently in Milan.

This year was the 22nd edition of the show, which also featured FTK - Technology for the Kitchen. This designer-driven furniture fair attracts over 450,000 trade attendees from all over the world, and is considered the most important design event in the industry.


Trend 1 – Mixed materials

Continuing on from last year, we are still seeing the use of mixed metals on the scene. The difference this year, however, is that this trend has been stepped up another notch, to bring in multiple finishes in one area. But of course, this still has to be designed and finished well in order to be pulled off tastefully.

Trend 2 – Appliances with a difference

Once upon a time, it was stainless steel or stainless steel. However, over the past few years we have seen a resurgence of colour with appliance finishes, which has brought a welcome element of design and integration into play.

‘Colabs’ are a big part of design these days, and this year at EuroCucina we saw collaboration between Smeg and Dolce & Gabbana – a wonderful way to bring a bold art statement into your kitchen. Anyone game?

Trend 3 – Smart surfaces

The world of smart appliances and connected living in the kitchen is upon us. AI (Artificial Intelligence) is now entering the kitchen in a whole new way. Leading the way, Franke showcased their Think Next Smart Worktop, which can transform from prep centre to social hub at the touch of your fingertips.

As well as cooking and weighing your food, this island can keep your coffee warm, show your text messages and allow you to watch a cooking show, simultaneously – it’s like something out of The Jetsons!

Trend 4 – Moody Hues

The kitchen furniture throughout the show seemed to encapsulate dark moody tones and colours – and using the same product on all surfaces was a strong theme. Watch this space.

Trend 5 – Product versatility

Designers are always looking for products where they can unleash their creativity in more ways than one.

This product is lacquered with five coats of a ‘metalescent’ coating, to fit in with the current trend of mixed metals, but has the flexibility to be moulded into a 3D shape. The overall effect is one cohesive flow, with the LED lighting giving it a real punch. Wow!

Jun 28, 2018






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