The lamp that changes based on its environment

This LED light sculpture stretches and moves when subjected to nearby tremors

Designed by Margot Krasojevic light, lighting, product design, technology, black
Designed by Margot Krasojevic

Designed by Margot Krasojevic The Electromagnetic Induction Seismic LED, designed by Margot Krasojevic, is a light able to move based on nearby movement. It’s constructed out of recycled polymer and gives the illusion of intensifying the light due to the dome shape. Margot 3D printed the object, before inserting a structural thread pipe to mount the LED system. This pipe can also be placed in the ground for installation purposes. The 3D printed net resonates and amplifies kinetic energy, transforming it into electrical current lighting the LEDs embedded within the geometry.

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15 Jun, 2017

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