The drawer dividing solution that's beautiful, yet practical

You may think that form needs to come before function when designing a kitchen – but it doesn't have to

If you've dismissed drawer dividing systems in the past as bland, boring and even unnecessary additions to a kitchen, you'll want to take a look at the range options by Blum.

They don’t just hold your cutlery and kitchen implements, this range is both pragmatic and elegant. The system is modular and understated being specified in an array of applications from oils to plastic containers. The moulded cutlery insert in the steel design even dampens the sound of the cutlery being packed in.

Blum New Zealand desk, drawer, floor, furniture, product, product design, sink, table, black
Blum New Zealand

That's not to mention the fact that it's made in Austria by a proven master of kitchen hardware.

When it comes time to plan your drawers, ask your designer or cabinet maker for AMBIA-LINE colour and finish options.

Blum New Zealand furniture, tool, orange, gray, black
Blum New Zealand
26 May, 2017

Blum fittings solutions make opening and closing furniture a breeze and bring enhanced user convenience to the entire home - and in particular to kitchens. More than 7,900 employees work hard all over the world to perfect the motion of Blum's fittings - lift, hinge and drawer systems.

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