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Architecturally in tune with the coastal surroundings, the refined WA Beachside Leighton residences offer a sheltered lifestyle

This precinct was developed by Mirvac. Here is apartment, architecture, ceiling, home, house, interior design, living room, penthouse apartment, property, real estate, room, gray
This precinct was developed by Mirvac. Here is a view of a couch, a t.v., two pictures, a small table, a divan, a recliner and wooden flooring.

The coast of North Fremantle famed for its sandy beaches and history of rail and commercial activity has long been a mecca for sun, surf and relaxation. Now this stretch of coastline offers a new breed of development one where architectural refinement and a sense of freedom come together in one place.

Beachside Leighton is a new urban residential development comprising 60 apartments and seven terrace houses, all set around landscaped courtyards. A central pool, spacious residents' lounge and combined boutique bar and restaurant are all part of the upmarket ambience.

Set adjacent to Leighton Beach one of the most popular destinations in the area and bound on the other side by a former railyard with a rich industrial heritage, Beachside Leighton was driven by forward-looking developer Mirvac.

The high-end complex is the result of a collaboration between Mirvac Design, Singapore-based Kerry Hill Architects and Fremantle architect Michael Patroni from Space Agency.

Mirvac WA chief executive Evan Campbell says the residences are unlike anything previously released in this prime coastal setting. Already the winner of two major industry awards, the complex is set within beautifully landscaped grounds, and is a local leader in environmental response and green design.

Kerry Hill designed the apartments at Beachside Leighton and Michael Patroni designed the seven terrace residences, one of which is featured on these pages.

This precinct was developed by Mirvac. Here is apartment, architecture, condominium, corporate headquarters, facade, home, house, mixed use, property, real estate, residential area, roof, teal
This precinct was developed by Mirvac. Here is an exterior view.

The five-storey apartment buildings are located on the southern, western and northern boundaries while the three-level Beachside Leighton Terrace is aligned to the eastern boundary, says Patroni.

"We designed the Terrace to present as a single building rather than as a row of houses. The larger scale balances with the surrounding apartment buildings and the large industrial installations that are part of Leighton's historic character."

In response to the rugged coastal site, the development has a strong material palette incorporating a precast concrete structure, rammed concrete courtyard walls, and the signature glass reinforced concrete screen to the east.

The sculptural eastern screen forms the primary unifying element, mediating between inhabitants and the traffic on adjacent Curtin Ave, while still offering glimpses out to the road and nearby train station. Patroni's inspiration for the facade came from the frothing bubbles left on the sand by receding waves and from eroded limestone formations in the area.

The interior palettes also reflect the environment, featuring natural materials such as tallowwood and smooth limestone. An important part of the design was ensuring the easy, casual use required in a beachside lifestyle.

Each of the seven terrace houses has an area of around 275m², arranged over three levels, and includes its own basement three-car carpark, lobby and elevator. Ground floor access is either via the common courtyard or from the street.

This precinct was developed by Mirvac. Here is apartment, architecture, building, commercial building, condominium, corporate headquarters, elevation, facade, home, house, mixed use, property, real estate, residential area, siding, window, black
This precinct was developed by Mirvac. Here is an exterior view.

The upper two levels of the interiors are configured around internal courtyards designed to flood light into the heart of the terraced houses. These courtyards are central to the Beachside Leighton lifestyle, offering private, sheltered spaces, away from wind, sun and traffic noise. There are external balconies at all levels.

"The interior experience of the Terrace is defined by the changing light qualities created by the building's screen elements," says Patroni. "These include the concrete screen to the east, adjustable louvred screens to the west, and remote-control louvre roofs over the internal courtyards."

The adjustable anodised aluminium sliding screens on the west facade allow the occupants to control views, light and privacy, while the ever-changing nature of the screens animates the elevation from the courtyard. Another benefit of the many screens is natural cross ventilation, contributing to the green efficiency at the heart of the development.

Beachside Leighton residences have been designed with an average 7-Star NatHERS rating. Further energy-efficient initiatives include optimal orientation and shading, ceiling fans in living areas and bedrooms, low-emissivity thermal glazing and a centralised gas hot water system with solar preheat. A rainwater tank provides water for toilet flushing and washing machines for all residences.

Beachside Leighton Terrace presents seven architecturally exciting, ecologically in-tune places to live. It also exudes an air of comfort, privacy and sheer relaxation.

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07 Feb, 2012

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