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Tasks such as turning the burglar alarm off and switching on the heating can be done at the press of a button, when your home has a Dynalite control system

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Overall view of this house

Deactivate the burglar alarm, turn on the mood lighting and entertainment system, switch on the climate control when a house full of electronic equipment makes your life more complex, you are perfectly justified in demanding a simple solution.

All these systems can be simplified with a Dynalite control system. It allows a range of home automation controls to be operated easily using a wall button panel or touch screen. And, it can be customised to suit your home and your particular lifestyle. For example, security and lighting can be integrated so exterior lights come on when you open your garage door. Or programme it so when the security system is turned off, the interior lights switch on. When you're away, lights can be operated by a timer to create the illusion the house is occupied. Other parts of the home, such as window treatments, floor heating, air conditioning and home entertainment systems, can also be included in the system.

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View of the stairway & lighting

With a Dynalite system, your smart home will work more smoothly and won't intrude on your interior decor. The company offers a range of designer cover, button and trim options in a variety of finishes including white, ivory, cream, beige, black, polished brass, brushed stainless and brushed bronze.

To make it easy to use, the functions can be engraved onto a space provided on the control panel's buttons. And, as your needs change, the control system can be modified.

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Overview of the kitchen

Dynalite distributors are factory-trained to be familiar with all aspects of system configuration and operation.

For more information, contact Dynalite, 6/691 Gardeners Rd, Mascot, NSW 2020, phone (02) 8338 9899, fax (02) 8338 9333. Email: info@dynalite-online.com. Website: www.dynalite-online.com.

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23 May, 2004

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