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Creating a fully customized look for your kitchen is easy when you incorporate a La Cornue range from Purcell Murray
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View of this kitchen island's appliances

Matching your kitchen cabinetry to your appliances so you can create a distinctive looking kitchen that suits your lifestyle is no easy task.

La Cornue solves both these problems. Not only is it a powerful culinary tool, its versatility allows both the appliance and rest of the kitchen to be customized to create a single look. Twenty-six porcelain colors and metals, and more than 20 different trim combinations offer styles from modern to traditional. One special option is the ability to pair the range with cabinetry to create a custom island. To help you plan your ideal kitchen, the La Cornue factory in France provides its own design team. Even the ID plate on the range can be customized to include your name.

For nearly 100 years, La Cornue ranges have satisfied demanding chefs by producing consistently excellent results, says Purcell Murray president Tim Murray.

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close view of this kitchen appliance

"The patented vaulted ovens allow heat to circulate naturally, creating a constant and even oven temperature. The natural convection ensures that food retains its natural flavor and moisture," he says.

Each range is hand-assembled by skilled craftsmen in Paris. They are made from top-quality cast iron, solid brass, steel and porcelain enamel, triple-dipped and fired for hardness and depth of color.

Also available from Purcell Murray is the Maison La Cornue tableware and culinary tool collection. This fire-to-table collection includes everything needed to take a meal from preparation to presentation, such as kitchen utensils, tableware, crystal, flatware and heavy bistro-style porcelain.

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View of this kitchen

For more information, contact Purcell Murray, 185 Park Lane, Brisbane, CA 94005, phone (800) 892 4040. Website: www.purcellmurray.com.

Aug 23, 2004
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