Sydney housing development focusses on a green park and lake

A landscaped parkland complex with a variety of house and unit options, Putney Hill offers a fresh take on the Australian family lifestyle

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Putney Hill offers a tranquil lifestyle just twenty minutes from Sydneys CBD. Apartments and houses dotted across the parkland development are named after their surroundings, such as the mid-rise Figtree Apartments.

Modest downtown units with not a blade of grass in sight or sprawling suburban houses disconnected from the zest of city life these are the housing cliches of our big city environments. But, there is another way. A variety of residence options interwoven with sprawling parklands. This is Putney Hill, a new kind of lifestyle option just twenty minutes' drive from the heart of Sydney.

When developers Frasers Property held a competition for the design of the masterplanned development for Putney Hill, Cox Richardson Architects pitched, and won. The company's broad vision was for apartments, terraced homes, freestanding residences and semi-detached houses, all focussed around a large central park. Over 50% of the design was to be dedicated to green spaces.

Cox Richardson director Philip Graus says the forward-looking residential community is defined by its diverse mix of house and apartment options, meticulously defined streetscapes and leafy surrounds. The neighbourhood provides residents with a private sanctuary near the centre city.

"Designed in consultation with award-winning landscape designer Environmental Partnership, Putney Hill features multiple flowering parks, rolling green spaces, and exotic gardens," says Graus. "Given this amount of space to work with we were able to create elegant, intuitive street layouts with all houses and apartments surrounded by nature."

Lardelli Park is Putney Hill's centrepiece, designed to complement the gentle valley in which the neighbourhood is located. It not only provides the residents of Putney and Ryde with a new 2.4ha green open space for relaxation and enjoyment, but also has environmental benefit for the community. By acting as a collection point for rainwater from the surrounding areas, the lake plays an important role in storm water management. It also assists in improving the water quality flowing to the Parramatta River, and provides a haven for local wildlife including ducks and water birds.

This rendition is of Canopy Apartments, nearing completion, apartment, architecture, arecales, building, condominium, estate, facade, home, house, mixed use, neighbourhood, property, real estate, residential area, tree, black
This rendition is of Canopy Apartments, nearing completion, which forms part of stage two of the Putney Hill housing development.

The architecture firm has designed Putney Hill to fit with both its wider setting and the lay of the land.

On one side of the development, well-detailed, stand-alone houses respond to the classic houses in nearby Putney, while on the other side, the apartment blocks harmonise with the high-density environment of Ryde. At the same time, the diverse mixed architectural options all connect to their own immediate topographical setting.

Medium-rise apartment blocks are near the entry to the development and terraced houses step down the hill towards Lardelli Park. Three-level detached homes ring the central lake, forming an area known as the dress circle. Nearing completion, the second stage is up the hill on the other side of the site, separated from stage one by Lardelli Park.

The diverse mix of architecture at Putney Hill is designed to appeal to a variety of tastes. And it's further testament to the design's emphasis on the natural world that each housing option is named after an aspect of its surrounding environment.

Palmera and Fig Tree, near the entry, are named respectively after a grove of existing palm trees and a mature fig tree. Both are medium-rise and typified by large units with city and district views.

Urban oasis Putney Hill, a new housing development area, floor plan, land lot, mixed use, plan, residential area, urban design, white
Urban oasis Putney Hill, a new housing development in Sydney, is centred around the verdant Lardelli Park, with homes and streets threaded through the extensively landscaped environment.

Jacara Apartments feature communal garden beds, a putting green, outdoor barbecue facilities and a formal lounge and reflection area.

Peak Apartments and Canopy Apartments are in the second stage up the hill looking down on the development. Canopy's large units have oversized balconies that make the most of the spectacular views. Peak is so-named because it occupies the highest point on the site. Owners have panoramic views of the Parramatta River, the harbour and the Sydney CBD. Peak's large, house-size apartments are ideal for downsizers and empty nesters. And these are just some of the housing options.

Dino Carulli, spokesperson for Frasers Property Australia says the development will appeal to those already living in the area, and also to a wider market across Sydney families, couples, professionals, those looking for something completely different.

"Putney Hill is a serene, healthy new take on the classic Australian neighbourhood, with plentiful green spaces for families to enjoy, opportunities for children to play safely outside, quiet cul-de-sacs for that informal game of street cricket and all just a short commute from the bustle of the central city."

Story by: Charles Moxham

01 Jun, 2016

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