Swim spas – affordable fitness luxury

Don't want to fight the traffic to the local pool? Sea too far or too cold? Swim Spas offer something better at home. Here, HotSpring Spas talks running costs

The realistic cost of running a swim spa

When you buy a swim spa, you place an infinitely long, tumble turn-free swim just steps from your back door. 

Swim spas are an incredible addition to your home, offering fitness, relaxation, hydrotherapy and family fun too.

These advanced fun-meets-fitness machines naturally represent a significant upfront investment – and it's also important to consider the running costs.

Here are some of the factors that contribute to the running costs for a swim spa – to give you a realistic sense of what the cost is for ongoing fitness convenience.

Energy efficiency is a must

When choosing a swim spa, energy efficiency is high on the list of things to consider – with lower power use allowing you to use your swim spa without worrying about cost.

New Zealand swim spa specialists HotSpring Spas says that true energy efficiency requires a holistic overview.

The insulation, covers, systems and components found in the company's premium swim spas are all finely tuned to minimise power use

This means a larger upfront investment can save you big money in the long term – lower-end swim spas can be more than twice as expensive to run.

Swim spa insulation

The most significant factor in the cost to run a swim spa is the insulation found within the cabinet – insulation slows the rate that heat leaves your spa and lowers the demand placed on the heater.

A range of insulation options are available for swim spas, and you inevitably get what you pay for. 

Cheap swim spas tend to feature partial or spray foam insulation, while the multi-density insulation found in HotSpring Spas' Endless Pools swim spas offer incredibly effective heat retention, and has the ‘R-value’ – a measure of insulation performance – to prove it.

High end swim spa insulation can make a huge difference to running costs, saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year.

Swim spa covers – because hot air rises

The way you cover your swim spa can make a big difference to how much heat it can retain.

Two factors are: 

  • The seal that the cover can achieve with the swim spa
  • The insulation found within the swim spa cover

All Endless Pools swim spas come with fully insulated covers that form a perfect seal and lock in place. 

Plus HotSpring Spas' range of sliding and lifting systems also makes removing and replacing your cover a simple, one-person job – helping ensure your machine is always covered when empty.


Let's face it if you live in a colder climate the running costs will be greater – every case is judged on its individual merits and the team at HotSpring Spas can give you an accurate breakdown on this.

Lastly and importantly – buy from people you can trust

HotSpring Spas is the world’s largest importer of Endless Pools swim spas. 

These machines share a wealth of technology with the company's popular spa pools, which are the most energy efficient in New Zealand.

HotSpring Spas can’t tell you exactly how much your swim spa will cost to run, but the swim spa specialist will help you minimise the running costs – from choosing the right machine to offering ongoing post-sales support.

Get in the swim – your sense of health and well being will thank you for it

To test out the incredible experience offered by an Endless Pools swim spa head to your local Hot Spring dealer today for a test swim!

Story by: Trendsideas

12 May, 2024

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