With its designer decor, high-end materials and wealth of amenities, Eden Village is more like a hotel than a retirement village, which is just as it should be, says the team at Yellowfox

White limante kitchen with stainless steel appliances cabinetry, countertop, cuisine classique, interior design, kitchen, kitchen stove, room, gray, black
White limante kitchen with stainless steel appliances

What lies underfoot will always determine the overall ambience of an interior, so it is never a decision to be taken lightly.

Yellowfox specified high-end vinyl flooring for many areas within Eden Village. The main street, restaurant and cafe all feature Expona Design luxury vinyl tiles, which take the form of individual planks.

"We specified vinyl in Weathered Hickory for these floors," says Vikki Gorton. "This flooring imparts the beauty of a natural wood floor, but is softer underfoot and easy to maintain."

Melissa Allington, marketing co-ordinator for Polyflor, says Expona Design vinyl flooring is a commercial-grade product that incorporates polyurethane for added durability and ease of maintenance.

Yellowfox specified Expona Design luxury vinyl tiles from ceiling, interior design, lobby, restaurant, white
Yellowfox specified Expona Design luxury vinyl tiles from Polyflor for flooring in the Main Street, restaurant and café areas. The colour chosen is Weathered Hickory, which imparts a rich, warm feel.

"The surface treatment makes this a very sturdy flooring it also makes it easier to keep it looking like new," she says. "The aesthetics of this vinyl are also appropriate for the village, as they give the interior a welcoming, warm look."

Allington says the hairdressing salon has Expona Design as well, but in Light Elm.

Kitchenettes in the Care Suites feature Polyflor cushion vinyl in Forest Oak. This is a sheet vinyl designed to look like wood planks.

"Bathrooms are another area where Polyflor products are used," says Allington. "Polysafe Corona in the colour Barley provides a safety vinyl floor for the Care Suites. This sustainable flooring keeps its slip resistance for the life of the product, and is ideal for showers."

Durable, safe, anti-slip flooring for bathrooms in the bathroom, floor, flooring, interior design, plumbing fixture, product design, room, sink, tap, tile, orange
Durable, safe, anti-slip flooring for bathrooms in the Care Suites at Eden Village, Polysafe Corona in Barley was specified. The bathroomware is by Robertson.

Another Polyflor product also features in the showers. Polyclad wall cladding is a waterproof lining that is hygienic and easy to clean.

For more information, contact Polyflor, phone 0800 765 935. Email: sales@polyflor.co.nz. Website: www.polyflor.co.nz.

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02 Apr, 2014

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