Struggling with bathroom design?

If you're mulling over a bathroom project, here are a few things you may want to consider
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Is the bathroom used by visitors? bathroom, bathroom accessory, bathroom cabinet, floor, home, interior design, plumbing fixture, product design, room, sink, tap, tile, gray, white
Is the bathroom used by visitors?

Bathrooms are an integral part of any home. Considered to be the second busiest room behind a kitchen, bathrooms must combine functionality and durability for the day to day activities of a family, while providing a place of calm contemplation for those relaxing evenings spent in the bathtub.

If you have ever struggled with a bathroom design which doesn’t meet your needs then you know the difficulties this can cause. Building a new home can provide you with the blank canvas to ensure the bathroom meets your functional requirements, alongside your aesthetic desires.

It is extremely helpful to consider your daily routines. If the mornings create queues for the bathroom, think about the inclusion of an ensuite, or where space is limited consider the use of a multi-functional bathroom, creating separate zones for additional flexibility. Double showers can also allow couples or parents and children to shower at the same time comfortably.


What type of feeling should the bathroom have? bathroom, floor, interior design, property, room, gray
What type of feeling should the bathroom have?

Citing bathrooms to allow natural light is often desirable, however the location of adjacent water and waste services can provide a construction efficient location, for example above kitchens or next to utility rooms. Ventilation and electricity also need to be factored in to bathroom placement.

Keeping a bathroom simple is key to ensuring good functionality. While aesthetic preference for bathroom components may add cost, good overall design catered to your needs should be a standard consideration when liaising with your builder or bathroom professional.

Planning your bathroom will be an exciting part of your new home journey. G.J. Gardner will take the time to talk to you and understand your functional requirements and family routines. Knowing the right questions to ask can help ensure that the overall configuration matches the requirements of your household. Each franchise has a team of colour consultants and designers to help you create a bathroom that works, for you and your family.Bathroom design questions to consider:What do you love about your current bathroom?What would you most like to change?Describe your dream bathroomWhat type of feeling should the bathroom have?What colours do you like?Will it be used by more than one person at once?Is the bathroom used by visitors?Do any family members have physical limitations?Do you need a separate toilet?

What type of feeling should the bathroom have? bathroom, floor, interior design, property, room, gray
What type of feeling should the bathroom have?
Oct 02, 2017






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