Strong on the skyline

Experienced constructor Watts & Hughes offers a broad range of construction management services – this imposing five storey building is the third stage of a project for Northbridge Lifecare Trust

Stage three stands tall

This is the third stage of the development upgrade and modernisation of Northbridge Lifecare Trust's current facilities – a five-storey building, consisting of 48 apartments with basement carparks.

The building sits prominent on the Northcote horizon and presents as a commanding architectural form with its sleek contemporary Symonite panel and Nuwall cladding.

Close collaboration

From the outset of the project, Watts & Hughes worked collaboratively with Northbridge Lifecare Trust's architects on the project, Klein Architects, and the wider consultant team, to create a collaborative and innovative environment. 

This ensured that we were able to understand all of the client’s specific requirements, and deliver an exceptional product for them upon completion.

Exceptional construction over a variety of disciplines

With over 34 years construction experience in New Zealand, Watts & Hughes offers a range of construction management services across a broad spectrum of construction sectors – including civil, industrial, recreational, retail, commercial, residential, educational, marinas, government infrastructure, medical/health care and sub-divisions.

Many of these were high-profile large scale projects that might daunt a less experienced constructor.

Watts & Hughes' construction services range from general construction services to more specified options like seismic upgrades and design/build packages. 

Operating nation-wide, the company also caters to pre-construction requirements and provides expert project management.

Find out more about Watts & Hughes and why they mighty be the best choice for your on-the-boards project, whether the job is small or large and complex.

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16 Oct, 2022

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