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Standing-seam roofs have durability and looks on their side Eurostyle¢ presents several options
View of the roofing by Roofing Industries daylighting, outdoor structure, roof, white, black
View of the roofing by Roofing Industries

If a house is our most substantial asset, then it's only sensible to take great care choosing the right product to protect it. Standing-seam roofs present an attractive aesthetic and are extremely durable. Once the prerogative of high-end homes, their popularity and affordability is on the rise.

Roofing Industries is a nationwide New Zealand company specialising in the manufacture of roll-formed roofing, says marketing manager Paul Ross.

"Whatever your renovation project, the Eurostyle¢ European-inspired range of metal roofing, cladding, panelling and soffit linings on offer at Roofing Industries will contribute to the design answer."

View of the roofing by Roofing Industries architecture, house, real estate, residential area, roof, gray
View of the roofing by Roofing Industries

Long popular in northern hemisphere countries and now gaining recognition internationally, these rigid, standing-seam products have an architectural appeal that makes them suitable for classic heritage buildings as well as modern houses.

The European understated-yet-refined look also provides an attractive way to draw together the disparate elements of a house that has evolved over time.

As metal technologies have advanced, Roofing Industries and Eurostyle roofs have kept pace. The advent of Colorcote® and Colorsteel® prepainted paint coatings that cover the Zincalume substrate are two innovations that have reduced costs, making this roofing more affordable for a variety of budgets.

View of the roofing by Roofing Industries architecture, daylighting, deck, handrail, house, line, outdoor structure, roof, stairs, gray, black, brown
View of the roofing by Roofing Industries

Eurostyle options for roofing include double standing seam, angle standing seam, roll seam, roll cap and snap lock. Cladding, panels and soffit linings are available in horizontal or vertical profiles.

Eurostyle roofing and cladding is equally versatile in terms of materials and finishes. Zinc, aluminium and copper are all on offer, and aesthetic options are further extended with prepainted options, embossing and natural patinas.

For details on locations nationwide, contact Roofing Industries, freephone 0800 844 822. Alternatively, visit the website:

Oct 30, 2010
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