Strachan Group Architects (SGA) wins 2020 TIDA New Zealand Architect Renovation of the Year

Congratulations to Strachan Group Architects (SGA), winner of TIDA New Zealand Architect Renovation of the Year.  See more of the revamp of this traditional villa

Watch Pat de Pont of Strachan Group Architects (SGA), winner of 2020 TIDA New Zealand Architect Renovation of the Year

In this villa renovation and addition, the ‘lean-to’ form that has traditionally been used as service spaces at the back was re-cast as living space, opening the house up to the north-facing back yard.

The design approach provides a separate and contrasting form, highlighting new versus old, and contemporary versus traditional within the building.

The existing building’s floor plan was rationalised, improving room sizes, adding bedrooms and an extensive home office, improving amenities, and reviving the kauri flooring and traditional details.

The architects have skillfully converted a home that was poorly connected to its environment into an attractive and functioning home for a professional couple with two young children, allowing for home/work options as well as providing an oasis and retreat for the family.

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13 Nov, 2020

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