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At G.J. Gardner we're not across the counter from you – we're around by your side offering step by step help on everything – including what's involved from the outset

Buying a home is obviously a major undertaking – not just in terms of choosing the best design and your favourite finishes but also right from the get-go in terms of everything you need to consider.

G.J. Gardner's Get to know what's involved when dealing with us page on the company's website helps make what is a big undertaking more manageable.

Essentially everything is considered in the process which not only means you get everything right, you also get all-important peace of mind.

Everything considered – Why should I build?

  • Is building a new home the right choice for me?
  • Where to start in terms of advice?
  • Choosing a builder – a check list of what is required
  • Wish list – a visit to this page provides a link to G.J Gardner's ‘Home Prep’ brochure which helps with sorting what you need vs what you want (clue: with G.J Gardner it is usually both)
  • Reviewing your site – what to consider

Then there's a step by step on the steps taken before building of your new home actually commences.

Planning & design

  • Designing on the home you want – including a link to G.J. Gardner's broad array of plan options
  • Concepts & quotes – everything is up front with G.J. Gardner and pre-priced plans mean you can quickly get an idea of the home you can have within your desired budget
  • Plans, contract & deposit/paperwork
  • Permits, consents & red tape
  • Colour consultation

Half the fun is choosing, but seeing your home take physical shape is nothing short of thrilling.

And the Get to know what's involved when dealing with us article also outlines this.

Build and logistics

  • Site works
  • Base & foundations
  • Framing
  • Close in
  • Fixing/interiors
  • Final fit-off
  • Moving day – yay!

Everything transparent and up front is the way G.J. Gardner works, as this breakdown reflects.

Visit G.J. Gardner's Get to know what's involved when dealing with us page today to read in more detail and grab your own Home Prep Brochure while you're there.

Alternatively head straight to the trusted homebuilder's home page

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28 May, 2023

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