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The goal is a healthy-lifestyle family pool – and to help with that the NZ Pool Industry Association offers free information downloads to get you better informed

It's pretty simple, The New Zealand Pool Industry Association is here to help

The undeniably healthy, push-play advantage of a sparkling family pool is an achievable, and affordable luxury. 

Even so, it is an important addition to your lifestyle and as such it makes sense to understand everything involved. 

The New Zealand Pool industry takes the hassle out of this process acting as a facilitator between homeowners and pool-associated businesses – giving future pool owners plenty of choice and the peace of mind to know that the companies contactable from the site are all highly qualified pool professionals.

Resources on tap

And further to its role as facilitator, the Association's website offers an online library of downloadable resources that will help you get better informed and possibly answer some questions before you even get in touch with a pool builder directly. 

These are just some of the downloadable resources available – many involve the legal requirements surrounding pool construction and ownership – definitely information to absorb at your leisure.

  • Pool dictionary
  • Pool owner's manual
  • Fencing codes
  • Pool standards
  • Sale & purchase templates

There are also documents generally focussed on laws, bi-laws, site issues etc.

Head online to the NZ Pool Industry Association website to access a wide range of pool-related companies and to take advantage of the downloadable resources that make achieving the pool life easier for New Zealand homeowners.

Story by: Trendsideas

22 May, 2022

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