Solutions for waste bins under the sink

It is often tricky to fit a waste bin under the sink, especially in small kitchens and bathroom vanities – Hideaway has some effective solutions

The Hideaway Compact Floor Mount bin range is designed to fit in tight places where the cabinet could be full of plumbing or other appliances such as waste disposal systems and water filters.

For very small spaces, the bins come as single 15L or 20L buckets. 

This allows the plumbing to run behind while still giving the homeowner the opportunity for a quality waste bin solution.

One x 20L Compact Floor Mount bin installed
One x 20L Compact Floor Mount bin installed behind a hinge door (KCF120SCH-C).

Where there is more space, double bucket options are available. 

The twin 15L bucket model provides separation of waste and recycling while the larger twin 20L floor mount bin provides greater waste storage especially for a larger family.

The double bin models also have the option of a door pull, where the door front is mounted to the bin unit for a one-step opening action.

Two x 15L Compact Floor Mount, Door Pull
Two x 15L Compact Floor Mount, Door Pull Model for one step opening action (KCF215SCD-W).

All the Hideaway Compact Floor Mount bins have a fully enclosed metal frame. This design not only provides greater strength and durability, but also helps keep the waste bin separate from all the other contents in the cupboard.

The Floor Mount bins are simple to install, making them ideal as a DIY project for homeowners or builders, and a perfect option for retrofitting to existing kitchens. 

Simply fix six screws into the base of the cabinet and it’s done.

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26 Feb, 2023

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