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For chic barbecues that combine the versatility of indoor appliances with a dramatic presence, consider the latest entertaining ideas from Electrolux
View of outdoor area which features outdoor cooking countertop, plumbing fixture, product design, sink, tap, white, gray
View of outdoor area which features outdoor cooking equipment available from Electrolux.

Today, a new breed of barbecue takes centre stage in your outdoor environment offering an aesthetic feature for your open-air space and an attractive gathering point for guests.

Electrolux takes the art of outdoor entertaining seriously, as the design of the two barbecues on these pages attests. Firstly, the Electrolux Fuego presents several advantages for those who enjoy cooking and dining in the open air. Functioning like a kitchen island, this barbecue is designed to look good from all angles and to be approached from all sides. Durable stainless steel panels are combined with the warmth of teak surfaces for use by the chef or for a guest to set their drink on. Ample storage is provided under these attractive wood surfaces, keeping everything conveniently to hand. The barbecue's slim retractable lid adds to the overall sleek aesthetic and ensures nothing comes between you and a guest's conversation. In addition, the appliance comes with discreet, heavy-duty wheels attached, making it a breeze to move to the optimum location.

Besides great looks and an intelligent layout, the Fuego has extensive cooking functionality. High-efficiency burners and electronic ignition bring cooking convenience, while enamel-coated, cast iron grills and removable burner drawers ensure cleaning up is equally straightforward.

Image of outdoor cooking equipment available from Electrolux. furniture, product, product design, gray, white
Image of outdoor cooking equipment available from Electrolux.

The Electrolux Integrated Barbecue also takes alfresco enjoyment to the next level. The barbecue's drop-in format allows you to install it anywhere within your outdoor entertaining area on a table end or a low wall for optimum aesthetic effect.

Besides its usual slimline cover, the Integrated Barbecue has a roasting hood available as an optional extra. This can be removed when not in use to avoid obstructing the conversational flow.

Electrolux has included a wealth of commercial cooking know-how in the Integrated Barbecue. It has an electronic ignition, and the grill and plate use a steel selected for superior heat distribution qualities to create more even surface temperatures. An angled surface drains oil away from the food for healthier cooking, and the oil management system drains oil and waste into containers that are then easily removed for disposal. All the barbecue's grills can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

View of knobs on outdoor cooking equipment from black and white, product, product design, table, white
View of knobs on outdoor cooking equipment from Electrolux.

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Mar 11, 2009
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