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Architectural looks and customized storage solutions define the contemporary collection from Neff Design

View of the cabinetry display case, furniture, home appliance, kitchen appliance, table, black
View of the cabinetry

Adventurous design doesn't prevent a kitchen from being user friendly in fact the best contemporary designs are those that combine functionality with eye-catching good looks.

Neff Design Centre, which specializes in the design and manufacture of customized kitchens, puts an emphasis on architectural designs that are also highly functional. Showroom owner Terrell Goeke says this functionality extends to intricate storage solutions that ensure every space is used efficiently.

View of the storage unit countertop, furniture, gas stove, home appliance, kitchen, kitchen appliance, kitchen stove, table, gray, black
View of the storage unit

"Our contemporary kitchens are characterized by their innovative cabinetry, which often incorporates unusual angles," he says. "But even the angled cabinetry has doors and pull-outs that provide easy access to every corner."

Neff kitchens can also be identified by the combinations of materials, which frequently include figured wood veneers, stainless steel and brightly painted accent colors. Goeke says there is a strong trend towards the use of highly figured wood, such as bird's-eye maple, anigre and figured cherry.

View of this kitchen cabinetry, countertop, interior design, kitchen, room, black
View of this kitchen

"The colors of these veneers create a lot of interest and help to soften the hard-edged look of the stainless steel," he says.

For details, contact Neff Design Centre, 144 Merchandise Mart, Chicago, IL 60654, phone (312) 329 0486, fax (312) 329 0487. Website: www.neffdesign.com.

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23 Aug, 2004

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