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A view of the air conditioning system. automotive exterior, hardware, metal, pipe, steel, structure, gray, black
A view of the air conditioning system.

Because of the civic centre's proximity to the railway corridor and the subsequent potential for noise pollution, Connell Wagner specified a mixture of air conditioning and mechanical ventilation for the building.

Airpro Mechanical, a company specialising in air conditioning design and build solutions, was the contractor enlisted to take the consultant's design and ensure all components were a perfect fit for the building, says Project Engineer Jason Thorpe.

A view of the air conditioning system. floor, line, material, wood, gray, white
A view of the air conditioning system.

"The mechanical ventilation systems that we provided feature air-to-air heat recovery. This enables a higher quantity of fresh air to be used without energy penalty," he says. "Air quality and CO2 sensors match the outdoor air quantity to the building's occupancy, minimising cooling loads and operating costs."

The heating and cooling is provided by externally mounted air-to-water reverse cycle heat pump chillers. The reverse cycle heat pump technology produces chilled water for cooling, and low-grade hot water for preheating or heating simultaneously.

A view of the air conditioning system. product design, gray, black
A view of the air conditioning system.

These units also have an internal heat recovery mechanism that enables the waste heat from the air streams to be re-used, rather than being simply expelled into the atmosphere.

For more information, contact Airpro Mechanical, PO Box 104-166, Lincoln North, Henderson, Auckland 1230, phone (09) 836 4441, fax (09) 837 3020. Website: www.airpro.co.nz.

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20 Sep, 2006

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