Small apartment includes room for guests

Martin Architects managed to pack in unique storage spaces and room for guests in this stylish apartment

Architect: Martin ArchitectsPhotography by Alexander Kondrianenko architecture, cabinetry, countertop, floor, interior design, kitchen, product design, gray
Architect: Martin ArchitectsPhotography by Alexander Kondrianenko

Architect: Martin Architects

From the architect: This two-level apartment with a total area of 52 square meters was created by Martin architects design studio as a presentation showroom of the LCD "White Chocolate".

This project is an example of an economy-segment dwelling, utilising materials and furniture from inexpensive Ukrainian brands.

Despite being a relatively small apartment, Martin architects managed to integrate the storage facilities on the first and second levels, a comfortable double bed in the recreation area on the second floor and an open and unified kitchen/living room.

The highlight of this residential space is certainly the tall and light atrium.

Story by: Trends

Photography by: Alexander Kondrianenko

12 Jun, 2017

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