Sleepout At Te Arai

The design for this family sleep out was based on the building being like a permanent tent. A variety of exterior verandah spaces offer degrees of shelter, while the paved terrace provides for al fresco dining.
Sleepout at TeArai

With all the awnings up and doors slid open the sleep out space extends into the surrounding site. Read more

Sleepout at Te Arai

The building closes right up when vacant providing secure storage in the surrounding verandah spaces. Read more

Hinged Awnings - sleepout

Battened screens hinge up to form awnings supported on steel posts. Read more

Interior TeArai Sleepout

The plywood lined sleep out offers a warm interior space which spills out to the connecting verandah. With the battened screens down the verandah becomes an extension of the sheltered interior space. Read more

Battened screen TeArai Sleepout

Dappled light is filtered through the battened screen awnings providing shade from the afternoon sun on the verandah. Read more

Patio Area Te Arai sleepout

The paved terrace provides ample room for al fresco dining. Read more

Terrace TeArai Sleepout

View from the loungers across the terrace to the lush planted hill beyond. A portable brazier is set ready for people to gather around the evening fire. Read more

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