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Incorporating the visual warmth of natural stone to your building project is as easy as laying bricks

View of  Austral Bricks. white
View of Austral Bricks.

Just as certain architectural styles come to be associated with certain regions, so there are materials that have a powerful resonance. In New Zealand natural stone, particularly schist, is such a material.

While the attributes of natural stone are many, preparation and installation usually require specialist services, which can be time consuming and expensive.

Austral Bricks has released a product that makes stone a cost-effective option, says marketing manager Cindy Driscoll.

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View of home with feature by Austral Bricks.

"Designa Schist is real stone that is set in precast concrete moulds for quick and easy installation by a bricklayer.

"The system uses hand-selected pieces of the finest quality stone set in preformed concrete modules. The modules are laid using a drained and ventilated cavity system, the same way bricks have been laid for more than 100 years."

Due to the modular nature of Designa Schist, the system can be installed in half the time it takes to install regular stone pieces, and without the mess and waste of offcuts. It is also more affordable.

View of  Austral Bricks. white
View of Austral Bricks.

"There are many additional benefits," says Driscoll. "Designa Schist is available in three colours, is virtually maintenance and fade free, and is weather resistant, energy efficient and strong."

For more details or the comprehensive technical manual, contact Austral Bricks, phone 0800 Austral (287 872). Or visit the website: www.australbricks.co.nz.

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04 Jul, 2011

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