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Low maintenance is a key factor in any hospitality fit-out. Save on cleaning time and costs with hygienic glass surfaces from Graphic Glass

View of the counter gray, black
View of the counter

Ensuring high standards of hygiene is crucial in the hospitality industry, but you don't want to spend too much time and money keeping your public and food preparation areas up to scratch.

Graphic Glass manufactures glass panels that provide a perfectly uniform flat surface with no joins or grouting they simply wipe clean when the work is done.

For particularly messy areas, such as commercial kitchens, the panels can be treated with a special protective coating to reduce the build-up of deposits.

View of the counter gray, black
View of the counter

Graphic Glass panels are indepen-dently tested for thermal shock, alkaline resistance and UV fading to ensure long-lasting adhesion.

The sleek finish of the glass panels also makes them a popular design choice. Striking visual effects can be created with lighting on the reflective surfaces, and a new look can be maintained for many years after installation.

Graphic Glass panels are available in more than 700 colours, including flat opaque, metallic, pearls and sparkle finishes.

View of the counter gray, black
View of the counter

For more details, or to visit the showroom, contact Graphic Glass Auckland Ltd, 149 Cascades Rd, Pakuranga, Auckland, phone 0800 660 001, fax (09) 576 7799. Email: enquiries@graphicglass.co.nz. Website: www.graphicglass.co.nz.

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23 Aug, 2004

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