Lead designer at Akzente Lara Farmilo shares insights on what's in and what's coming, referencing leading German architectural kitchen company Poggenpohl

When designing kitchens, we are not only working on the cabinetry to provide the ‘cooking’ function but thinking of the connection areas and adjacent elements.  

We are finding that feature walls are coming back into play, but not as we remember them; as a brightly painted contrasting colour but through tactile surfaces such as timber panelling, tiling or textured wallpapers.

Clients are opting for natural, organic, calming colour palettes through their selection process.  

More natural, honed or even leathered benchtop surfaces are being used.  

From porcelain through to natural stones the matt surface is more and more prominent and often selected for not only the benchtops but splashbacks and sometimes even cabinetry fronts.

Less is more when it comes to the number of finishes/materials used within the kitchen.  

With more and more tactile surfaces being used, the number of finishes can be reduced while retaining a mix of textures.

Even seamlessly integrated cooking into your benchtop is something we are seeing from Europe and homeowners will love the idea of this.

Glass cabinetry with integrated LED strip lighting brings another dynamic to the kitchen space while warm, dark timber veneers/colours add a rich element along with matching metal accents.

Kitchens are going to the ceiling for both additional storage and also to emphasis a tall vertical feel.

Pocket door pantry systems are becoming more popular allowing clients an additional benchtop and a home for their many appliances.  

Concealed kitchen concepts are getting larger, sometimes even hiding an area of 2700mm.

Drawer systems are coming in a range of colours, commonly aluminium and now black aluminium.  

Internal drawers and interiors are constructed based on the individual clients’ requests by connecting our range of Caleidoscope inserts. 

Island designs are still the most popular layouts and often these are seen as the feature of the kitchen – either achieved by a stone cladded façade or creating a piece of art with different structures/ heights intertwining.

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Designed by: Akzente, Poggenpohl

Story by: Poggenpohl Auckland NZ

01 Oct, 2023

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