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Smart technology is transforming home entertainment systems there are new Bose® systems that can predict what music you want to hear, and even analyse and adjust the sound to suit the dimensions of your room

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good sound should be available wherever you like to relax around the house. this home features boss freespace 51 waterproof speakers on the balcony

In years gone by, a good sound system was often restricted to the formal living room. If you wanted to listen to music in other areas of the house, you tuned into a transistor radio or tape deck.

The introduction of digital sound has changed all that it's now possible to have high-fidelity audio throughout the house. And one of the best aspects of the sound revolution is the size of the components. Quality audio can be as unobtrusive as you wish.

Bose, a company renowned for its high-performance, good-things-come-in-small-packages approach to design, has released a range of products that take the concept of smart technology one step further.

The Bose Lifestyle® 48 DVD home entertainment system is a good example. The system incorporates a sleek media centre with a built-in progressive scan DVD/CD player and AM/FM tuner, tiny Jewel cube speakers, and an Acoustimass® module for resounding low notes.

view of the lifestyle 48 media centre product, product design, technology, white
view of the lifestyle 48 media centre

As with all Bose lifestyle products, the Lifestyle 48 can be linked to speakers in any room in the house with the Bose®link audio networking system, which allows easy connections to other compatible Bose products in up to 14 rooms. All of the rooms can be controlled by the simple-to-operate Personal Music Centre Series 11 remote music is selected with its LCD screen.

The Lifestyle 48 incorporates the new uMusic¢ intelligent playback system, which digitally stores your entire music collection, allowing it to be played anywhere in the house via the Boselink audio network. The system then learns your listening preferences and prioritises your music collection automatically, without the need for charts, menus or manually creating and managing playlists.

The Lifestyle 48 entertainment system features Bose AdaptIQ® audio calibration system for optimum sound. This technology analyses and adjusts the sound to suit the size and shape of the room, where the speakers are placed, and where you sit.

The home shown on these pages showcases several Bose products, including the Bose 321 GSX home theatre system, which can also store up to 200 hours of music and contains the uMusic intelligent playback system. This product also incorporates a sleek media centre that houses the sources for a complete home entertainment experience DVD/CD player, AM/FM tuner and inputs for three additional sources. The 321 GSX system features Bose's small but powerful Gemstone¢ speaker arrays, and a hideaway Acoustimass module to deliver full surround sound. As there is no need for rear speakers, there is also no need for unsightly wires or rear speakers, so the system is ideal for smaller rooms.

A view of a entertainment centre from Bose. ceiling, interior design, living room, property, real estate, room, suite, gray
A view of a entertainment centre from Bose.

Other Bose products shown here include the new Wave® Music System with digital MP3 format, the Companion 3 multimedia system and the new iPod SoundDock. This allows you to enjoy your iPod music with the full sound of Bose audio.

Bose waterproof speakers feature on the deck of this house. Freespace 51 waterproof speakers are on the ground, while model 131 speakers are positioned in the eaves.

For details, contact Bose, phone 0800 501 511. Website: www.bose.co.nz.

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01 Aug, 2005

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