A crisp landscape design and adroit species selection provides colourful contrast and interest while softening the strong lines of the contemporary seaside home

Designed by Design and Garden landscapes

From the landscape designer:

This garden was designed around a new modern build that is literally 100m from the Brighton coast near Dunedin. 

Due to its proximity to the beach, it essentially sits atop a natural sand bund in a very challenging coastal environment .

Given the contemporary design of the house, the landscape design, materials, and plant selection needed to be sympathetic with the house build and style, while still allowing easy access and flowing gardens to soften the house.

The design also brings privacy and shelter to spaces within the property. 

Large decks, lawn slabs and paths allow easy inside outdoor-flow to garden spaces and out to the beach.

With the main living area situated on the Brighton road side of the house, away from the coastal wind, the owner's request was to create a private and sheltered space that then leads down to a small private lawn sitting above the drive space and main entrance to the house.

Hedging – Grisilinia Cobb.
Hedging – Grisilinia Cobb.
 Purple plant – Aeonium Schwarzkopf; green plantings – Ceanothus Diamond Heights.
 Purple plant – Aeonium Schwarzkopf; green plantings – Ceanothus Diamond Heights.
Herbaceous perennial – Arthropodium cirratum.
Herbaceous perennial – Arthropodium cirratum.

Credit list

Landscape designer
Registered Master Landscapers – Gold
 Third Little Pig Homes

Designed by: Design and Garden landscapes

Story by: Trendsideas

Photography by: Christopher Braczek

18 Jun, 2023

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