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These spun-glass vessel basins from Kohler capture the ephemeral interplay of light and water while providing full functionality

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Image of a basin and tapware by the Kohler Company.

Glass-blowing is an old art but it is also a science that has been fine-tuned over time and put to myriad uses.

The latest collection of glass vessel basins from Kohler reflects the skill of the modern-day craftsman in using this elemental material to create fully functional works of art.

Kohler introduced the latest additions to its Nature's Chemistry Collection and Artist Editions at this year's Kitchen/Bath Industry Show.

The company says each of the five new styles has its own distinct look, while embracing the raw, elemental qualities of glass. Each vessel is also designed to capture the interplay of light and water.

Three of the new vessels have understated glass surfaces that are pure and refined. The remaining two vessels use texture and pattern to create a dynamic shadow play.

Image of a basin and tapware by the bathroom sink, plumbing fixture, product, product design, sink, tap, water, white
Image of a basin and tapware by the Kohler Company.

The Mirovia, shown above, is a simple, austere design. The glass of this basin has a subtle texture that mimics the ripple effect of the water. This basin features a tight, angled outer rim with a precise edge.

The Toric¢ is a generous 20-inch square basin with a depth of four inches. It was designed specifically to showcase the raw and elemental qualities of molten glass. Thick sides and a natural texture give the basin a soothing weight that is balanced by the thinner, more transparent drain area. Both the Mirovia and Toric are easy to install.

The ornate Pallene basin has an intricate, classically inspired pattern embossed on its surface.

Kohler has also introduced one-piece glass surfaces that feature an integrated top and basin. The Runway¢ one-piece integrated top and bowl (ITB) is crafted from a single, continuous sheet of glass, which provides a smooth, seamless surface with a glossy finish.

The rectangular ITB design measures 31in x 22in and is a perfect fit for the Kohler line of vanities. Backpainted in Raven an intense, sleek black this model is from the Nature's Chemistry Collection.

Image of a basin and tapware by the design, font, product design, table, water, white
Image of a basin and tapware by the Kohler Company.

The Tracery ITB takes the minimalist look of the Runway and ups the ante. Featuring delicate, ornamental scrollwork and offered in the color Raffia a subtle, champagne shade the Tracery projects a sense of refinement.

The play of light and dark is maximized with the depth of the pattern etched into the back surface. Kohler says the design of the Tracery enhances the concept of the bathroom as a luxury retreat.

At 31in x 22in, there is ample workspace and room for grooming accessories.

For more information, or details of your nearest distributor, contact Kohler, phone tollfree 800 4 Kohler (456 4537). Or visit the website: www.kohler.com.

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18 Nov, 2008

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